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Discussie: Snoek vissen - Kun je me helpen?

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    Red face Snoek vissen - Kun je me helpen?

    Good evening everyone.
    Sorry, but I don't speak Dutch at all. I work in The Netherlands from time to time and I always travel around.
    At this moment I am in the IJmuiden area, I love fishing and I have never fished pikes...
    Could you guys be so kind to guide me a little bit?
    I would like to get a decent but not very expensive fishing gear.
    Fishing areas I'm looking for: polders and lakes.
    Fishing rod? It must be a 'travel rod', but I don't know which CW and length are advisable.
    Spin reel: I am used to those ones because I do spinning at sea (seebar fishing mainly)... which size? 2500...4000?
    Braid: diameter?
    Any shock leader is needed?
    Lures? I think softbaits are always a good option. I also like hard jerkbaits like Rapala and Salmo but polders are usually very shallow so I don't know if it's a great idea to get a few...
    Gents, I know: too many questions but I don't know anything about pikes. We don't have them in the area where I am coming from!
    Due to my work schedule, it's quite difficult going to any fishing shop so I need to know what I need, then I can make a nice order...
    Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who can help me a bit.
    Kind regards,

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    Ter Apel


    As an allround angler I use a spinning rod of 2.40 mtr with a casting weight of 20-40 gram for lurefishing on the canals. I combined the rod with a model 2500 spinning reel with 15/00 braid.

    I do not recommend buying fishing gear online, because you need to feel the rod to see what kind of action it has. Also you want to try the spinning reel on the rod to feel if the combination is right
    and if the drag is perfect.
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